Trendy & Stylish Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Your Patio

Trendy & Stylish Outdoor Furniture Ideas For Your Patio

The patio is a great outdoor space within the house. It could be located in your backyard or the front garden of your home. It is a common outdoor space for your outdoor living to dine and relax. A well-thought patio can be an exciting part of your house. The right location, flooring materials and design language are crucial elements when creating the perfect patio.

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1.Lounging Under The Sky 

Snix Lounger

Our Snix loungers are one of our best-sellers. It is suitable for an outdoor patio with a pool. Lounging under the sky can be therapeutic, especially for those who love being sun-kissed. Besides being aesthetically pleasing, Snix loungers offer the best of comfort while you enjoy your outdoor view and fresh air.

2.Outdoor Dining 

Rivera Arm Chairs

Thinking of outdoor dining with the view of sunset at the end of the day? Rivera is perfect for your outdoor patio. Rivera chairs are durable, thanks to their teak and Batyline materials. For the best result, match them with our teak wood dining tables for the perfect dining experience.

3.Natural Teakwood 

Vento Dining Chairs

This Vento seating has natural teak finishes. Premium teak sourced from a certificated plantation is the fundamental of our Vento Teakr collection. Such careful decisions make our teak wood last for years without a tedious maintenance care routine.


4.Modular Style 

Dotta Modular Set

Don’t limit your creativity when it comes to sofa sets! Our Dotta sofa comes with modular designs with the flexibility to change the layout and arrangement according to your preferences. Bright cushion colours, teakwood material, and cosy lamps are the best combinations to brighten up your patio- perfect for a memorable star gazing night.


5.All Weather Wicker! 

Grace Collection

Our gorgeous all-weather wicker is a fantastic choice to give some femininity to your outdoor space. Grace collection is a combination of synthetic wicker and powder-coated aluminium frames. Synthetic wickers are weather resistant and able to withstand intense heat and humid environments.


6.Add Colours To Your Patio 

Vento Sofa Set

Curtain: Don’t be afraid to play with colours when decorating your dream patio. Although, try to limit your colour options to two or three different tones only to avoid your outdoor space looking cluttered. Our Vento collection stands elegantly yet playful with its teak wood frame and green fabric- creating an aesthetically pleasing patio for you and your family.

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