Modular Sofa Vs. Normal Sofa

Modular Sofa Vs. Normal Sofa

Chances are, you have already got some sofa chairs in your living space. Typically, if you have a smaller living room, a 2 or 3-seater sofa chair will be enough for the setup; whereas if you have a larger room, you can place a single-seat sofa chair, couple sofa chair, and 3-seat sofa chair altogether to fit all of your family members at once – no one needs to fight for a comfortable seat during a movie night. But, in the end, they have just separated sofa chairs; they cannot fully connect you and others.

As we all know, a sofa is different from a chair – a chair is portable and easy to arrange, but the sofa is bulky and, most of the time, it does not like to be placed next to one another. The typical sofa comes with arms on both sides, making it difficult to change – if you buy a normal 2-seat sofa chair, it will be 2 seats and it can’t be extended to 3 seats. That is why the demand for modular sofas has been growing over the years. We have been exposed to beautiful things and inspiration as compared to last time, thanks to the internet. Hence, we have more ideas and freedom when it comes to designing our own living space, as opposed to fixed-design normal sofa chairs.

A modular sofa is like a link that connects to all other seatings, as both ends have no barrier for combining. Without further ado, we will dive into the reasons why you need a modular sofa over a typical sofa.

Ready To Transform 

Martha Modular Sofa

As we have discussed earlier, modular sofa seat allows you to match with other modular sofas including single-seat, middle-seat, 2-seat, and 3-seat sofa chairs, and the unique design of modular seat gives you limitless combinations for your home living setup.

Based on your preference, you can have one end with 2 seat sofa and another with 3 seat sofa, or even make it to 5 seats if needed. With other modular sofa chairs from other collections, which differ in colours and shapes, you can design a truly unique sofa set that is found nowhere else.

In addition, when no one is around, you can transform your sofa set into a day bed, where you can stretch your legs straight and enjoy a chill afternoon, as the corner sofa connects others and therefore extends the length of the sofa with no arms in between that might get in your way.

More Seating For Less Space 

Bliss Modular Sofa

You might need more room to fit more than one typical sofa chair, and that is when the modular sofa can save your life. The modular sofa fits into your corner and gives you additional seats already, not to mention combining other modular sofas that make you fully utilize the space. Besides, some of the corner sofas come with spacious seating or more than one seat, like a 3-seat modular sofa, which might have been enough for a small family. In short, a modular sofa saves the cost of tearing down your existing setup for the fit.

Visually and Physically Cozy 

Oburr Modular in Leather

Where will you likely choose to sit when you come back from work? Most will pick the corner seat, as you get to enjoy the most flexibility and comfy at once. Also, it visually gives a sense of safety to people, as well as for those who are socially awkward; it is a perfect seat for them as it is neither beginning nor end. Rather than sitting opposite one side, you and your family members can now enjoy the movie together without the barriers in between; psychologically it helps each of you get closer.

If you still do not believe me, pay attention to your pets like cats or dogs, if you happen to have one at home; even animals like to sit in the corner seat, what else to say?


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