Our home is a place where we enjoy activities with our family members, friends, and sometimes our guests. Every aspect of our home is important to be considered in order to achieve satisfaction for your home to be beautiful, elegant, and comfortable. When all these elements are taken care of, our home will become a place where we might want to stay forever without any hustle. There are a few important tips to design your home by choosing the right home furniture.


Living room Furniture


When choosing the Home Furniture, there maybe be so many questions going through your mind, Dezign District Malaysia has bought you the 5 tips which you have to follow in order to get the right kind of Home Furniture for your place.


 Pick up a Theme and Color for your Home


Designing a home is all about theme and colors. This is to help you to have a well-designed space, good color combination, and to give a mood to your home. Some people prefer to have a minimalistic home, and some others prefer to have quite fancy designs for their house. For example, modern home designs usually have a very simple color scheme such as white, grey, and peach, with a very minimal designed wallpaper or even without any wallpaper. Yes - just a plain color. So, if these types of designs are in your mind, you would have to pick modern furniture to match your home design style which will ultimately make your home an elegant place to live in.


Choose the Right Color for your Fabrics for your Furniture  

As we mentioned earlier, color is one of the important things to consider when designing your space. The same things go for fabric colors. It is very important to choose the right color to match your space. With those things in mind, Dezign District offers you a wide range of colors for you to choose from. The colors that we offer are:



The choice of the fabric’s color can affect the mood of your home. Hence, we need to make our space look cozy, comfortable, and great by choosing the right fabric colors. For your information, the colors that we offer can match well with many types of setting such as modern, traditional, contemporary, and minimalist. 

In addition to the topic, we are concerned about our customer satisfaction when buying bedroom furniture from us as well. So, we produce many great designs for our bed frame, nightstands, wardrobe, and bed benches. There are many types of furniture you can choose with different types of teak wood finishes. You can customize your own bed frame according to our preconfigured materials, in 3 different sizes which are Queen, King, and Super King.


Measure the Layout for each room 

Each space in your house has its own size. Some are bigger and some are smaller. That is why you need to take measurements of your space such as the living room and bedroom before deciding to buy any furniture. For example, if your living room space is big, you might need to buy sofa sets, chaise or ottoman, coffee table, and side table to fill in space. If you buy a single sofa for that big living room space, it will look empty and dull. Measurement is important since you need to make sure the furniture that you are buying fits well with the measurements of spaces in your house.

At Dezign District, we have professional designers who can provide free designing consultation for our customers. Just walk-in into our showroom or you can browse our website to book a consultation.

Indoor Sofa


It is our pleasure to help you design your dream indoor and outdoor spaces, and yeah, it's totally free. All you need to do are provide us your spaces’ pictures and give us some simple measurement and we will help you visualize your home spaces by using our 3D Renderer and we can help to suggest which furniture that you need. 


What will be the main Functions of Furniture?

After a hectic day, we might want to sit, chill, and relax. Sofa with Chaise or some people called it L-Shape Sofa, provides great comfort to us as we can use it as a bed lounger as well. Chaise provides an extra-long seat to help you stretch out and relax. These are usually one-armed pieces (Left Arm Fitted or Right Armed Fitted) to fit on the end of a sectional sofa.


Material and Make of the furniture?  

For the best experience of the furniture, one might need to choose the material that suits with space, theme, and concept. At Dezign District, our indoor fabric is durable and easy to clean. It is the performance fabric that provides the exclusive solution for your comfort, the material is soft and beautiful. It is water-resistant, stain-resistant, lightfast, and antimicrobial. Sand fabric is strong and durable, developed to last a very long time. Your children can turn your furniture into playful forts without any problem. Indoor cushion fabric makes it easy to get rid of inevitable stains and spills by simply using a simple damp cloth. On top of that, this fabric is free of substances that might be harmful to humans and the environment, completely recyclable. Entirely safe for direct skin contact.

Different people have different opinions and tastes in different furniture. So, Dezign District came up with a lot of options to choose from. We have a lot of different materials such as Teak Wood, Powder Coated Aluminium, Leather, Stainless Steel, Wicker, Rope, and a few more options. Not only that, we offer different types of finishes to our material used to manufacture every furniture. It’s up to your own choice. One of the best things that you can find here is the foam that we use on our sofa. The foam is a quick-dry foam that drains quickly allowing the cushions to dry fast even after being saturated while protecting it against mold growth. This is thanks to the open-cell structural makeup which allows water and air to easily pass through the material.

It is not that hard to choose furniture for our space to look great. All you need to do is play along with the furniture, colors, materials, and accessories. When you have a good combination of these elements, your house will definitely be a place that you want to stay forever. By having high-quality furniture, your life in your house will be comfortable and enjoyable. So, this is to share some important aspects to consider when choosing the right home furniture for your home. 


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