Which Teak Furniture For Your Bedroom

Which Teak Furniture For Your Bedroom

The bedroom is where your private stays – you are allowed to completely free yourself with no judgement. Work sucks (most of the time), and the bedroom is like a wireless charger which recharges you from fatigue – you take bath and sleep, all done in the bedroom; need not mention how important your bedroom is, and therefore bedroom is definitely a favourable “stock” (high return with low risk) that worth your investment. You can start by hiring an interior designer, or look for some designs on the internet on your own, owing to the convenience of technology. But, never neglect the small details like the materials of the bedroom furniture you have selected, because most likely the humidity level of your bedroom is high as from the bathroom, which can devastatingly impact the furniture and shorten its lifespan.

There are many types of furniture that you should be considering to cope with your bedroom environment, such as solid wood with wood veneers, particle board, medium-density fiberboard (MDF), metal, marble, leather, faux marble, and by-cast leather. Wood is generally the best as it is more accessible than others. However, regular wood is not going to last therefore you ought to choose treated and solid wood like teak. Teak is preferable because not only it is durable, but also it has a nice grain finish that enhances the index of cosiness. In addition, teak is commonly used for outdoor furniture like benches and chairs – teak-made furniture will retain its quality even in your bedroom.

To save your time, we have picked out a few pieces of teak furniture for your bedroom –

1. Teak Bed Frame 

The bed is probably the most important piece of furniture in your bedroom, and that is why we start with it. Teak-made bed set is extremely durable, not only for their resistance to rot and mould but also for the physical impact they give. Unlike other materials, a teak-made bed frame absorbs the impact and stays on its ground steadily. In addition to physical impact, teak made headboard does well in absorbing and isolating noise and temperature from the wall, providing you with an environment for deep sleeping.

A teak bed can last for years of use without special care, when you are done with it (say you favour another design), you can pass it to your children and it will still perform well as if you just bought it yesterday.

2. Teak Wardrobe 

Well ladies, this wardrobe is for you. Having huge and multiple doors for your wardrobe means you can shop as many clothes as you want (not really, depending on your shopping budget, but at least you can store as many). As teak is a natural material. It does not produce a synthetic smell just like say, a plastic-made wardrobe. Some people actually seem fond of the wooden teak smell. Besides clothes, teak made wardrobe comes with drawers for better organization. Therefore, treat your wardrobe like a treasure box where you can safely keep your expensive accessories and jewellery.

The teak closet is heavy duty and it is almost impossible to collapse, unlike DIY closets made for cheap board. Until you become granddad or grandmum, your teak-made wardrobe is still standing strong.

3. Dressers 

Dresser offers quick and easy access for extra storage. You can keep your everyday clothes, gym clothes and also makeup here! A dresser usually is shorter and has the height of your hips. The top of the sideboard can serve multiple functions such as displaying your fav book collection and other decors. Hence, a teak-made dresser will indeed hold up the weight well. Furthermore, treated teak does not absorb water and it can be cleaned with a damp cloth on a regular basis. Unlike other materials, even the slightest contact with water can make the material easily rot and expand. Definitely not a look we are going for.

Depending on your need and space, this dresser comes in 2 different sizes. One is wide, one is tall. If you want something that will last you a long time, the teak dresser is a way to go!

4. Bed Bench 

Having a bed bench in your bedroom will automatically make your room more luxurious! It could also be a resting place after work. On the days you felt so tired to quickly get changed before hopping on your bed, you can relax on your bed bench first. Of course, you wouldn’t want to sit on your bed with your outdoor clothes right? That would be not hygienic, especially living in this pandemic era.

It can also be an extra sitting place when your family and friends came over to chill in your bedroom instead of everyone squished on your bed.

5. Nightstands 

Last but not least, is a nightstand. The second most important in your bedroom aside from the bed itself.

Research shows that 30 minutes before sleep is when you should not scroll through your phone as the blue light could affect the quality of your sleep. Therefore, it is advised to put down your phone and read instead. Imagine when you are already comfortable in your bedsheet and getting ready to sleep after your read, you have to get up to keep your book on your table. Isn’t it nice if you have a nightstand just by your side to keep all your books and journals?

There are various designs for nightstands. If you like modern, seamless and also easy to vacuum your space I would recommend the floating nightstand.

Teak-made furniture for bedrooms is costly, no doubt about it. But if you think of how long you are going to live and how often you “use” them, they are worthy. To browse more authentic teak-made furniture, visit the largest online furniture store here.

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