The Fusion Of Modern Technology
With Traditional Craftsmanship

"Dezign District has
an approachable,
sustainable design

Behind each one of our designs is a story. A story of craftsmanship and quality. We love to see  our designs come to life from initial idea to finished product, and we believe that you can only  get that authentic luxurious feeling once you are able to feel the love, sweat and emotions that  have been put into every single design.


Our craftsmen are the unsung heroes of our time, or so we believe. Working with solid wood, our craft people know the value of noble materials, and treat it with the greatest respect.

Made in South East Asia, hand picked /selected factories

Modern Technology in Skilled Hands

High quality machines bring hairline precision to the production. Modern technology gives us the advantage of exact measurements and perfectly fitted pieces. Our experienced crafts people are involved at every stage to ensure superior quality. Honor a craftsman today, lounge in a comfortable chair.

Built to Last

Our philosophy is to make furniture that last, and we use the best materials and technologies to achieve that. The combination of traditional knowledge and modern technology to shape wood-on-wood joints, such as mortise and tenon, creates unbreakable connections and outstanding stability. That is why our furniture designs are made by hand at some of Asia's finest manufacturers and every single design in our collection come with a 10-year warranty – because they are built from love and built to last.