Cozy Courtyards for Modern Home

Cozy Courtyards for Modern Home

A courtyard, by definition, is an open space surrounded by walls, within a building. Like the house in busy city, courtyard is the go-to place to relax. It is quite a unique spot if you think about it - one that has the airy open feeling but it still gives you privacy by being within your home area.

Outdoor area can give us a break becoming a great area to spend summer nights, on weekends or any afternoon after work. There's nothing more joyous than having relaxing time in your backyard. You might have courtyard, complete with your favorite plants and all, but there's a missing piece. Sometimes, decorating outdoor can be difficult, especially when your space is on the petite side.

Wait, small courtyards shouldn't limit your creativity, in fact, it is perfect place for big ideas. With the right furnishings, you can turn a simple patio into a stylish outdoor getaway. Whether you're looking for a place to entertain or a retreat to sit back and read a book, take a look at these ideas below on what furniture suits the best.

Long lasting material against inclement weather

Vento Single Seat

After a long day, vento is inviting for a cup of tea, recline the tired body into its delightful comfort. Knowing that the weather outside is not easy to foresee. It's scorching hot for the whole season and after that we have a fortnight when the rain is falling everyday. It is best to prepare your outdoor getaway and get the durable furniture like this vento. Built of teak wood that serves as top choice among outdoor furniture that will last long with minimal maintenance. The upholstered cushion is removable, providing extra comfort with quick-dry foam inside and washable cover.

Furniture with rich details


Corda 2 Seater

Composed, stylish, and effortless. Corda Lounge 2 Seater is built from aluminum frame with polyester rope details. With its thick weave details, this seating upgrades your outdoor space into a luxurious one.

Nowadays, polyester rope is one of the most favored and popular materials used in many fields due to its various advantages. Not stretchy, the rope has high UV and abrasion resistance. Corda impresses with its elegant form and wide dimension.

Easily combine with ceramic or teak table to enjoy golden hour with your loved ones.

Aluminum powder coated for subtle luxury

Dexa Sofa 3 Seater

What’s so special about this sofa is that the choice of the color. Aluminium is famous for its expensive and classy looking. Dexa Sofa 3 Seater features beige aluminum and it delivers sophisticated statement that instantly modernizes the appearance of your home. The sling textile of batyline that graces the seat and backrest, it promotes optimum comfort of seating experience.

But the basic advantage of aluminum furniture is its durability. Quality aluminum furniture doesn't need much care, they can last up to 30 years and even be left outside for year-round without any harm.

Minimal space shouldn’t stop you to turn into your courtyards into a beautiful outdoor retreat. With the options above, you can enjoy your afternoon tea with your spouse and children leisurely without sacrificing comfort.

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