2 Ways to Decorate Your Patio with Our Favorite Dining Sets

2 Ways to Decorate Your Patio with Our Favorite Dining Sets

Love the idea of dining alfresco? Living in a tropical country, it is convenient for us to hang out in the garden whenever we prefer to. Life in the tropics is meant to be enjoyed. There's nothing to love more than dining outside with friends and hosting warm weekend parties in our backyard. The warm sun and cool breeze bring jovial mood to the patio.

Colorful background, bold colored tiles, large rocks and gravel, the arrangement gives the impression of jungle and adventure. Meanwhile the consistent heat and sun exposure is able to damage your furniture. Here's our favorite dining chairs, you may leave it outdoors all year long with minimal maintenance.

Breeze Dining

Rust-resistant chair stands up to years of sun exposure. You just got up from pool and want a bite of sandwich? The material of Breeze, handwoven synthetic fiber, is resistant to chlorine and salt water. It is famous for its amazing performance in humid environment and stay fresh all year long. Special feature lies in the wide armrests in half-circle shape to imprint warmth, enables you to dine longer in comfort. Such a perfect chair for your tropical theme outdoors.

Corda Dining

The flair and elegance of Corda Dining Chair draws everyone who laid an eye on it. The accents adds texture and a relaxed vibe to your outdoor retreat. With slim, angled legs which don't get in the way, the impact of this chair is immaculate. All the material used for this piece is able to withstand hot weather outside without any particular maintenance. Presented in large scale for ultimate comfort and utility, this piece suitably resonates with modern layout.

Depending on family members, different sizes of dining table is available for you to choose. Complete the configuration with dining chairs to make a set of 2, 4, 6, 8 seaters.

Feel free to take a look at our dining tables and chairs, you are welcome to make your own sets based on your personal preference.


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