Modern Bedroom Design, Tips & Accessories to Help You Design Yours

Modern Bedroom Design, Tips & Accessories to Help You Design Yours

Modern Bedroom Design, Tips & Accessories to Help You Design Yours

We’re getting close to the end of the year, it means plenty of time to rest & recharge. Take a breather. Take a rest. Taking time to rest would allow our body to heal naturally and lessen our body burden on a daily basis.

Now, look around your house, where do you spend a huge portion of your lives? Bedroom it is! Bedroom design is proved to have an effect on one's well being, even regulated by the design of the room. It is highly recommended to devote some time and energy into making our bedrooms the perfect escape.

How to design a modern bedroom with organisation systems that guarantee convenience and tidiness. Let the Dezign District break it down for you.

Choose a statement bed

Consider the strong construction for extended use, do not only choose any bed for the amazing design. Solid teak wood is a great choice for that, as it requires low maintenance but will serve you a good 10 years of service and more. You can put as many good pillows as you want, layer a fluffy duvet with a lightweight textured linen throw for a relaxed vibe. Having a sturdy frame will help you to achieve this comfortable setup. 

The low slung platform bed has become a highly desired piece of modern bedroom furniture. Check out our beds frame, it comes in Mano Bed, Ezza Bed, Elena Bed, and Luca Bed. Or you can opt for a canopy bed, the detail enhances its sumptuousness and classy personality that you have.


Invest in a luxe headboard

When you're set choosing the bed frame, a headboard can help add that little bit of extra polish and define your modern bedroom. A stylish headboard makes an entire bedroom seem cozier and more comfortable than just a bare wall. 

Pssst, do you know that expansive headboards also make the room feel larger? Yes, it does. Add a touch of luxury and comfort to your bedroom with an upholstered headboard that matches with the bed frame. All of our headboards easily attach to any bed frame from our collection. Personalize your bed with the headboard that matches your bedroom layout here. 

Custom beds.

One clever storage--or make it two

No bedroom design is complete without nightstands. You might find yourself reaching for a place to put your water or phone before asleep and a nightstand is the perfect place for that. These accessories also help to declutter your bedroom and everything is in its rightful place. 

When it comes to decorating, your bedside table should fit their individual style and needs. Your instinct might be to automatically buy two matching nightstands for you and your spouse. It actually can add a whole new dimension to your bedroom layout. Style it with your favorite accessories, table lamp and iconic framed art. 


Amazing storage while creating cohesive look to the room

When you have your bedroom filled with wood scheme, you might want the similar square edges and hard surfaces to create a more cohesive look. Go for wardrobes using the same material as the existing furniture. Make sure you have an integration of practical storage and bedroom decoration. 

Maximize your potential storage space with a double door wardrobe. The single door wardrobe will do fine if you're more of a minimalist type. Every piece is simple and effective.


Multipurpose furniture to add more coziness

If your bedroom is long and narrow, chances are there is a lot of empty space at the foot of your bed, which can make it look cold and empty. Opt for room accessories like a bed bench. 

It will help your room look chic while it provides an extra place to sit, it's also perfect for holding your magazine or any clothes/trinkets you need for the following day. Bed benches dual purpose for holding trinkets/books or additional seating for relaxing.

Bed benches.

Lastly, fill the space with life and color. Just like accessories for an outfit, accent pieces can be easily updated to refresh your entire room with a few simple swaps. Plant adapts so well with the wood ensemble, consider to buy snake plant, monstera, pothos, or rubber tree. Plus, adding some green helps purify the air in your home by filtering out everyday pollutants.

Find more ideas and inspiration about home living here. Visit us on instagram for a new update for sale offer and also the latest release. We hope you can get a good rest using our modern bedroom design, tips & accessories to help you design yours.

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