5 Tips to Find the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

5 Tips to Find the Perfect Sofa for Your Home

Home sweet home. A house is not a home without a perfect sofa to lie down after a long day. It is the focal point and one of the most essential purchases for your living room. 

There seem to be infinite options when it comes to choosing a sofa. We get it, you might think you know what you want for your living room but still, the options are endless. What’s so frustrating about furniture shopping is that you don’t know where to start. 

Here are the tips from our expert.


#1 Find A Good Sturdy Frame 

Everything begins with the frame. What often differentiates the quality of one sofa from another tends to be hidden beneath the fabric. You want the furniture to last, the ability to be strong and beautiful for a long time. Good sturdy frame isn’t going to warp or crack, which is why you should really only consider buying sofas made with hardwood or strong metal. 

Along with the frame, consider the cushion foam that is covered together under the fabric. The cushion that is filled with layers of high-resiliency foam, a high-response material characterized by an open-cell structure, resulting in a supportive feel that dependably retains its shape over time. 

#2 Measure Up 

When measuring a sofa for your room, you’re looking for more than how big space is within the room. Before browsing the many sofa models available, be sure to evaluate the available space you have. Don't forget to take into account your front door and hallway dimension, would the sofa fit into the room? 

Don’t forget to try out our sectionals/modular designs that can be delivered in sections, so you have complete freedom of placement. 


Most furniture arrives through in-home delivery, which includes full assembly and placement of your furniture. You can easily pick your living room sofas and we will handle the rest.

#3 Look for Performance Fabric

Your living room is for relaxing, sometimes even for eating and drinking. If you plan to spend hours at a time on your sofa, be sure to pick one that provides you with proper support. Look for performance fabric that will cover for spillages and accidents. 

We use performance fabric which resists spills and stains. The material is impervious to water. After all, you know it only takes a split second before someone drops their toast butter-side-down or spills some red wine. With the performance fabric, fresh wipe with a dry cloth and you’ll be fine.


#4 Choose Your Decor Style

Look around your house, think about your existing style and go from that. Even if you still don't know what to choose, you would want the type of couch that will fit naturally in your home. Something that reflects your personality or simply something that you like, which will mean something to you, now and in the future. 

Hot tips: sofa in a durable and neutral fabric work well with various colors and complementing pieces. From timeless wood classics to opulent aluminum designs, discover a full range of living furniture here in one step. 


#5 Look for Customizable Options

Bring your style ideas to life in your home. After the four points above, there is another thing you need to consider. While the style of many mass-produced sofas may live up to your expectations, there are several reasons why some of them are not the right options for your home.

Look for customizable options, choose the pieces that best suit your space and needs. For example, if you have an L-shaped room, sofas with chaise would be a suitable option. In Dezign District, there are multiple choices for a frame, cushion colors in various ensemble. 



A perfect sofa makes a big impact on the look of your living room. Using these helpful tips to find the imagination that you have in mind. Then you can customize your pick with your own style preferences as you select the upholstery, color, and design.

You can do all the research but nothing beats taking a seat and getting comfy. Set aside some time to visit our showroom and we’ll gladly help you to see around.

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