Best Outdoor Furniture To Celebrate your New Year’s Eve

Best Outdoor Furniture To Celebrate your New Year’s Eve

New Year’s Eve is just around the corner! Since the pandemic hit us last year, a lot of situations have changed. Those changes include our outings, ways of gathering, and important celebrations. But don’t let the bitterness get to you. When things get tough, we adapt. For New Year’s Eve 2023, it is all about Malaysia Prihatin (Malaysians taking care of each other). Together, we strive to create a safer and healthier nation by slowly recovering from this pandemic.

Let’s try some of these ideas to celebrate Merdeka from the comfort of your own outdoor space.

Outdoor Dining With Home-Cooked Food

Gera Table

To experience memorable outdoor dining for New Year’s Eve requires an outstanding ambience set up. Outdoor dining is nothing without a suitable dining set. Always ensure that you have a stable and functional dining table with comfortable chairs that could fit your entire family's capacity. It only gets better with home-cooked food!

Check out the Gera dining table with a modern twist using solid teak wood and powder-coated aluminium legs. What more could be joyous than reminiscing the good old times of feasting together on a traditional family recipe?

Your outdoor dining ambience can be more inviting by adding decorative items such as LED lighting and table accessories into the setup. These decorative items will not only enhance your outdoor dining experience but also make your outdoor space a picture-worthy moment.

A Family Garden Party

Gera Bench

Besides a well-planned outdoor dining experience, another idea is to have a more laid-back garden party in your very own backyard. Those who prefer a casual setting should consider a relaxed outdoor dining look such as our Gera table with its perfect match, the Gera bench. The style is more natural with its wood imperfection and genuine cutting showcasing the real feel of being within nature.

If your previous year of New Year’s Eve celebration is more towards having outdoor activities in the wild, then this idea would be ideal. Recreate those moments of celebration in nature with a dining ambience that feels earthy topped with good barbeque food.

Planka Alu Dining Table

Relax At Your Balcony With Fireworks View

Dexa Sofa Set

If you live vertically and do not own a porch or backyard, fret not. Every little outdoor space is valuable, such as a balcony area. The comfort of an outdoor space regardless of the size depends on your creativity and styling. For those who are lucky to own a balcony area with a view- consider having a relaxing New Year’s Eve celebration with your loved ones.

Hopefully with fireworks view too! Equipped your balcony with our Dexa Sofa Set placed nicely facing outwards to maximize your visual experience. Countdown the New Year’s Eve hours from your little outdoor space with the best of comfort.

Lounging At Your Open Patio

Nivelle Lounger

As New Year’s Eve is a public holiday in Malaysia, most employees will embrace their day off with families and friends. During this pandemic, we are advised to stay at home. However, don’t let that dampen your spirit to celebrate New Year’s Eve. Some people are blessed with a spacious open patio to enjoy their holidays.

If you are one of these lucky homeowners, it is best to utilize the most out of your open patio to wind up during your day off. Loungers such as our Nivelle Lounger provide the best of comfort to those who want to ease into the day. Lay back with your family or friends and enjoy the quality time you get to spend with your loved ones.

Romantic Dinner For Two

Fidele Square Bistro Table

When was the last time you had a romantic dinner just for two? It has been a while since we could enjoy the ambience of a beautifully designed restaurant with exquisitely cooked food. If you are the type who fancies dining out on a romantic date, try to recreate those moments within the outdoor space that you have at your home.

Start with well-designed outdoor furniture that is not only stylish but also durable for many years to come. Fidele Square Bistro Table and Pianeta dining chairs are elegant pieces of furniture that could give the same feeling of being in a tasteful outdoor restaurant. Throw in some candles and order your favourite food from your favourite restaurant to relive those days you had when you were dining out with your significant other.

Pianeta Dining Chair

Movie Night At Your Outdoor Deck

Luxe Daybed

Our go-to activity while staying at home is movie nights. Watching movies nowadays is as easy as ABC since we are advanced with streaming technology. Most of the movies, even the latest ones, are already online. To spice your movie night activity, try hosting it outside in your outdoor space instead of indoors. Bring your laptops and projectors out to enjoy your favourite movie accompanied by the cold soft breeze of the night.

A daybed such as our Luxe daybed is perfect for this setup! Not only does it provide a comfortable bed arrangement but also a sunblind that could act as your potential projector screen. That’s a total win for dual functionality! Let’s uplift the celebration spirits with a sprinkle of creativity using your outdoor space.

Sometimes, when we are faced with constraints, we try to make the best out of everything we have. Maximize your outdoor space with these great ideas to celebrate New Year’s Eve with your loved ones in the comfort of your own outdoor home.

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