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We use semi aniline leather that is softer and more supple than other types of leather since it has the natural beauty of leather with more durability and color consistency. It has an inherent water resistance, making it much easier to clean than fabric if you accidentally spill something.

Stain Resistant & Easy to Clean

To keep your leather seating looking its best, abstain from setting it in direct daylight or close to a heat source. Wipe out minor scratches gently with a finger. For oil-based spots and spills, wipe up any abundance with a clean, dry fabric. Try not to apply water. Or maybe, disregard the spot. In many cases, the spot ought to disseminate into the leather after a time frame. For perpetual stains or intensive cleanings, we suggest reaching a leather Specialist. For occasional cleaning and maintenance, we suggest using chemical-free based cleaners in order to maintain its color.


This wonderful fabric provides the exclusive solution for your comfort. waterproof, stain protection, odor detouring, antibacterial, flame resistance, body temperature cooling or heating. On top of that, this fabric is free of substances which might be harmful to humans and the environment, completely recyclable. Entirely safe for direct skin contact.

Stain Resistant & Easy to Clean

Vacuum and wipe regularly with a dry soft cloth to remove dust. If drink/food is spilled, act promptly to remove them with a dry cloth. Then, take a hairdryer to quickly dry the stain. Try not to rub or scrub as this will mute the sheen and reduce the pile of the fabric. If you put the fabric in the dryer use a low heat setting. Ironing the fabric is not recommended.


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Attractive and solidly built, choose your ideal from variety options of custom beds. The selection comes with multiple options for the headboards and bed frames. Get inspired by our clean architectural beds while creating a contemporary look in your bedroom.