Creative Storage Ideas for Your Living Room

Creative Storage Ideas for Your Living Room

Living room is likely a public space. It is the main area where you entertain guests, a conversation area or simply watch tv and play games. No wonder clutter can accumuwlate. Keep clutter to a minimum with creative storage ideas by concealing and organizing your living room necessities.


There are so many ways to organize creative storage that you can choose a way for any style and any colors, from bookshelves, sideboards, and entertainment consoles. However, in a room which is made for relaxing, the storage must be aesthetically beautiful too, matching your home design.

Decide the dimension and storage options. You can opt for decor with an open case like a bookshelf, console table, or concealed storage like sideboard and entertainment box. Dezign District has compiled the look especially for you.


Let’s dive into the pro & cons of each storage below.

Bookcase & Shelves

Bookshelf serves multiple purposes and comes in handy when it is time to display your favorite things. It’s also the ideal place to show off those unique personal collections, be it decorative ceramics or retro ornaments. If you regularly clean the house, bookshelves won’t be a problem because the open shelves can accumulate dust faster than the closed one.


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Console Tables

If you need smaller storage with stylish design, pick a console table. A console table adds storage and makes the living room look more interesting. The slim proportion and light design would look beautiful in your modern house. In general, a console table should be not taller than the sofa height, this height allows most people to comfortably access its tabletop. Suitable for fast quick solutions and amiable for smaller spaces.

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If you wish for some concealed storage system where dust can touch your precious things, a sideboard is the answer. It is a compact piece which can provide plenty of storage. While the top of the sideboard can serve as the perfect display zone. Adding a sideboard or two to your home’s interior design is a smart way to transform its visual appeal.

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Entertainment Boxes

Entertainment box provides both concealed and open compartments in a lower and broader dimension. Its adaptability makes it popular for many homeowners for complementing their home decor as well as a media console. Our entertainment box is totally trendy, forms an exciting contrast with eclectic material mix and timeless. It makes a great option for an entertainment center.

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Put Some Compact Storage Nightstands in Your Bedroom

As for the bedroom, a nightstand serves as a great storage option in the bedroom. This bedside table has multiple purposes, such as providing convenient storage within arm’s reach of your bed and bringing balance to your room’s arrangement. The top has enough room for items within reach of your bed. Opt the ones with drawers that allow space for you to store more necessities.

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With so many options and ideas, how do you choose the best option? 

Look around your house, find one thing similar to the furniture you currently have. Whether it's the material, the color scheme, or the pattern. Whatever it is, Dezign District has the perfect furniture solution for you and your home with our customizable colours and material options, we have got you and your home covered.

Find more ideas and inspiration about home living here. Visit us on instagram for a new update for sale offer and also the latest release. Now, it is time for you to apply these creative storage ideas for your living room.

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