Building Interior Design Community with Dezign District

Building Interior Design Community with Dezign District

The design industry has been changing radically for the past decade. There is a major shift in urban living. It is shown by the never-ending construction of urban houses, buildings, and public places, especially in the capital city and modern cities. Upon the steady growth of uptown lifestyle that we have seen in Kuala Lumpur, there will be plenty of opportunities and increased demand for expertise for professionals in interior design. Now interior designers have become a vital resource for home owners and home builders.

SHOUTOUT to All Design Professionals

If you are a professional interior designer, architect, design professional that works with homeowners on their design or improvement projects, we encourage you to join our Interior Designer Network.
We are looking forward to collaborate with Interior Designer that is all about fresh ideas to strive, develop and create successful results. We offer you to join our us that definitely benefit you as Interior Designer.

Why Dezign District?

Dezign District excels at the aspects of furniture manufacture. Our furniture has been featured in hotels, villas, beach clubs, restaurants, and rivate residential property. We have special program called #dezigndistrictstudio, we offer a free design consultation for customer. For the customer that needs help to design their living or dining room, we will do visual prompt, develop furniture design, floor plan, and 3D visualization. Take this opportunity to hone understanding of a niche area in order to make yourself stand out in the job market.

What will I get if I join your membership?

If you are trying to build brand as an Interior Designer, comprehensive portfolio is the most crucial tool for interior designers seeking clients. Whether it is a remodel or a new build project, Dezign District Program is definitely for you. You will get unlimited insights to top trends and tools to help present the suitable furniture items to your clients. We will provide swatches and samples that will go accordingly to the project theme that you're working on.

With your membership, you are eligible to ?

Enjoy access on trend home & living furnishing

The trend is evolving fast, it is a must to keep up with the trend so that the project is accomplished by a high margin of satisfaction. Dezign District will give you the update about the furniture trend that is beneficial for your projects.

Exclusive discounts/incentives

Many furniture companies offers expensive items. As a member, you can enjoy interesting discount on the items that you need for the projects.

Valuable information to present to your clients

To help your client visualize the exact result of the room remodel/renovation, we will provide you with color scheme, material swatches, and tear sheets.

Build your portfolio on “”

By collaborating with us, you will be able to build portfolio as an interior designer so that you can step up your game into a higher level and get the exposure. Wait until someone recommend your work to their friends, it is such an amazing opportunity, right?

3D Models / BIM Models

Need to show your clients what their homes will look like? Our library of 3D models will help.

Join our membership for unlimited access of our home living furniture with finest quality at a very good price.

Take action now and be a part of our growing family. Register yourself here.

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